personal journal entry example

Have you ever struggled with a choice, thought about it long and hard, made a decision, but then some time later started to regret it? Have you ever gotten into a rut from which you can’t seem to find a way out? A journal can aid you in these dilemmas. When you make a decision, you can write down all the reasons you have for coming to that conclusion.

personal journal entry example

Recognizing what you enjoy most about life reminds you to keep making time for those things. It can also promote feelings of gratitude and contentment, as exploring what you love about life can help you realize that you may already have much of what you desire. Journaling generally proves most helpful when you do it regularly, though you don’t necessarily need to write every single day. If you’re short on time, you might aim for 3 days each week and pick one prompt to write about each day. You can certainly learn more about yourself by reviewing what you do each day, but journaling often goes beyond keeping a log of daily events. Many people keep a journal in their teenage years, either by choice or due to a school assignment.

I have to make an appointment with my own doctor and see what I can do….maybe reduse the amount of medication. I don’t like being on it because it makes me tired and sometimes I feel unwell..but being off it seems even worse.

Write A Lot Or A Little

Incorporate details that appeal to your 5 senses to make your post vivid. This is optional, but it can make your journal entries more interesting and can help you remember what happened. Think about what you saw, heard, smelled, felt, and tasted during the events or experiences that you’re writing about. Then, include some of these details in your entry. Using the terms of diary or journal, I, in personally, seem to regard how specific that I want to log from daily life. Assessment would not address the quality of the performance, but what led to the performance.

You have the Men’s journal, for example, something that does not resemble a diary in any way. And then you have nautical journals, where captains track positions, winds, wave heights and currents, which aren’t really events of a personal nature, I would say. I’m just coming up with examples here. In order to find time to journal and to read I get to work an hour early everyday, grab a coffee and find a quite corner to read and journal. Loved this post you have given fantastic advice.

The girl who slipped into a bout of depression because of the massive rejection she faced from a boy she thought she loved, found Jesus. And the girl who continued to sin and mess up in the years to come still finds Jesus. My parents have since ceased to supply sugary goodies for the celebration of Jesus’ resurrection, and I am lucky to scrounge something up from my wardrobe to serve as an Easter ensemble.

  • You might have written all day on your novel, and then some writer with six cats and seven litter boxes wants you to keep a journal.
  • A pregnancy journal helps you remember important information about your health and make better decisions while you’re expecting.
  • Great ideas hit you out of nowhere, and your mind urges you to take action on them until your goals become a reality.
  • He will like that…because he has wanted a bigger one for his room.
  • Come to think of it, I actually believe this fits the term diary a little better.

It is non-paying but the exposure would be good. My son wanted new shoes…so we went in search of them this weekend. He finally found a pair he liked after trying on three pairs. He is very particular about what he wears.

Critical reflection deals with assessment and evaluation. Critical Reflection is the hardest and the most important. Student can easily fall into being critical of themselves and their peers which is not the point. It’s also easy to resort to “I liked it. I didn’t like it.” These are not helpful statements.

Ideas For Journals

Write the starting date and a dash to be filled in later. Write a meaningful quote on that empty page. Only record the details you want to remember, or the details you don’t think you will forget. Which is like saying, only floss the teeth you want to keep. Who you are, who you were with, and where you want to go. The journal is a record of how you felt and what you did.

personal journal entry example

Create a cover image for your playlist, and write a short reflection on why these songs make you feel better. Here, I record snippets and other information from books I read, courses I take and talks I watch. I also include the links and write a reaction to these. This journaling habit gives me more source materials for future articles.

Your present level of personal development influences your perception of privacy. Write for fifteen minutes about some aspect of your day as though you were writing in a journal.

What Do You Write In A Personal Journal?

On a better note, I wrote a press release for my book. I am now getting payment for writing one for a client. I am happy about finally making some money.

I also will be paid for another site I joined and submitted work for. The owner has decided to start paying the writers which was a welcome surprise. The other is to write a press release and rewrite some articles. I am looking forward to hearing back from the potential clients.

We decided to walk there because it is not that far from our home. I thought the walk would help and it did. I decided to take something just in case. I really hate taking pills, but I didn’t want to miss any of the ceremony. personal journal entry example I was offered a job, but I haven’t heard anything yet. I have made some money selling my poetry book and from a story I wrote a while back. I should be getting a couple of checks next week which will be nice.

How To Use Journal Prompts

The journals of these authors aren’t all filled with dark life lessons and lamentations. Sometimes, these writers express gratitude. Point students to this treasure trove of journal writing topics to inspire their entries.

  • I started back in 2016, which was around the time that I moved to study in Australia!
  • Some mornings it’s hard to write while tired and under-caffeinated.
  • Stacy E. Walker, PhD, ATC, provided conception and design; acquisition and analysis and interpretation of the data; and drafting, critical revision, and final approval of the article.
  • It has just one main blue color plus menus and icons in gray—no gaudy toolbars in sight.
  • The other is to write a press release and rewrite some articles.

I named my painting “What I See of You”. My art is a reminder of how much I love and care for people. It’s funny how I always think I have nothing to say but once I play with the start of ideas, it all starts to come down like rain. And I find that just spending 1-2 hours by yourself, for yourself, isn’t enough at all.

Dialogue Between Instructor And Student

However, if you’re new, start with five minutes a day, ideally in the morning before you forget. Open your journaling tool of choice, close the door, and relax. If you have one to hand, pick a single journal writing prompt. Eliminate any distractions including your phone and social media.

(Here is a list of 12 museums that currently have online tours.) Choose one of the works of art that you saw and write a short story inspired by it. After you reflect, write down what you experienced. First, though, we have four tips for you on using journals with your students.

personal journal entry example

John chronicles his alcoholism at length in his journal and towards the end of his book, it’s hard not the feel the same sense of relief as he does upon finally becoming sober. To answer that question, let’s explore how some famous journal writers approached this craft. Whilst perhaps not as famous as others on this list, American musician Courtney Love’s 2006 memoir, Dirty Blonde, is an intriguing collection of journal entries and letters.

Learning Outcomes

List a few ways to transform those descriptions into reality. If you work full-time, you spend the majority of your waking hours on the job. That makes your career a pretty significant part of your life.

Journal Writing Research

I am hoping my writing will get more exposure. I am currently waiting on some offers, but nothing has come through yet. I am trying to get my present story finished, so I can move on to something else. On another note, my father-in-law sold his house. The closing date is the middle of December.

The good news is I contacted my publisher and explained everything to him. He is taking care of all my worries and hopefully my book will be a success. I hope it does well, I don’t care to make alot of money, but some revenue would be nice too. Of the department asked us to prepare a journal on any topic of our core subjects, I had to know about it.

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